Hi Andrefiters,

Happy Wednesday!  How’s everyone doing?

As promised, here is your 24 minute real time abs workout.  I mix it up with my Pilates Power Flow class and some body weight moves that I love, it will be challenging and you will  get your core smash for sure but that’s why we are here for, right?.  Take time to pay attention to the moves before you do it and focus on keeping the good form.

I  filmed this video in the park where my house is and there is a zoo behind so if you pay attention you will hear the roosters singing for us 🙂

I am loving all your feedback and knowing that the workout videos are helping you to stay fit anywhere-anytime, that and having a community where we all can post and share was the whole idea of this site I am working everyday to make it better for you so please keep sharing your successful stories, recipes, pictures and feedback on Facebook, Twitter and here.  I enjoy reading them all!

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