Hi Friends,

Hope all of you beautiful people and friends all over the world are having a great Easter week.  I am so happy that I could spend this week with my family. We are a very simple, little crazy in a good way like every other family but so much fun when we are all together at the same time that being able to spend easter week with them has been awesome.

We are staying at a town call Liberia with some friends and from there we drive to different beaches.  My dad love the adventure so the more difficul the road is, the more fun and interesting for him haha so to get to this beach (Playa Blanca at Murcielago National Park) took us an hour of driving but when we got there we were the only ones, the tie was high so you can hear the waves crushing in the rocks, so beautiful!

Some of you have asked me before to share a bit more of my personal life and Costa Rica (my country) so I shoot this little video for you guys. 🙂


Here with my two brothers 🙂

The sunset around 5:30 pm is simple breathtaking!


Wishing everybody an amazing new week!